How to Write A Killer Recruitment Sales Pitch

Recruitment is an industry where you’ll find yourself making hundreds of sales pitches over time. You need to be ready to deliver a persuasive speech at a moment’s notice, whether you’re showcasing candidates to clients, presenting a new job opportunity or introducing your agency at a networking event.

Whilst having an outstanding elevator pitch written and rehearsed will benefit you massively, this isn’t the only kind of pitch you’ll have to nail as part of your work. Longer sales pitches are required when you’re delivering a proposal to a potential client to try and win them over, and these often require you to put in the work before and after to ensure your pitch is successful.

So how do you write a killer recruitment sales pitch? What should you include, and what are you better off forgetting? 

We’ve put together a guide of some of the best tips and techniques to get you started, whatever situation you’re preparing a pitch for. Read on for our advice. 

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