The Best Recruitment Conferences to Attend in 2022/23

Following a turbulent period for recruitment and HR, we should be more open than ever to learning from experts in the industry and taking notes on the latest trends and innovations in the world of recruitment. 


Luckily enough there are plenty of upcoming recruitment conferences in 2022/23 to guide you towards building a stronger business than ever.


No matter where you stand in the industry, there will be an opportunity to be inspired, learn new skills and network with like-minded people. If you’re wondering what kinds of events are taking place over the next six months, we have compiled a list of the best recruitment conferences in the upcoming year that aim to equip you with the knowledge, techniques and ability to plan a successful recruitment strategy.



August 2022




Human Capital Institute: Coaching HR Managers to Connect with Feedback


  • Where: Online
  • When: 24th August 2022

The Human Capital Institute is a virtual conference that guides businesses on how to connect positively and authentically with their team. You will learn about the resources needed to implement feedback effectively and benefit from learning how to give feedback to others in an optimistic manner. Join this conference to gain knowledge on creating a culture of feedback, systematically provide real-time feedback and track and observe outcomes. 




September 2022



The CandEs Virtual Conference 2022 


  • Where: Online
  • When: 8th September 2022 

The CandEs virtual conference is hosted by the Talent Board and provides guests with a day full of experienced speakers and technology sessions. Whilst attending this event you will learn about ‘How Talent Acquisition Technologies Improve Recruiting, Hiring and the Candidate Experience’. 





  • Where: Amsterdam
  • When: 13-14th September 2022

RecBuzz attracts a very wide-ranging international audience that brings all perspectives from all levels of knowledge. If you are a startup company then RecBuzz offers special rates that enable younger companies to access a pool of potential partners and investors. If you want to be clued up on all things recruitment marketing, analytics and branding, then this is the event to attend.


ZP Europe


  • Where: Cologne 
  • When: 13-15th September 2022

ZP Europe is a leading ExpoEvent and European trade fair with a particular focus on innovative product solutions in the areas of HR, management, digitization and leadership. This event will leave you feeling inspired to implement new and innovative HR techniques in your business.



HR Technology Conference and Expo


  • Where: Online & Mandalay Bay – Las Vegas  
  • When: 13-16th September 2022 (Las Vegas), February 28th – March 2nd (Online) 

HR Technology Conference and Expo has been a leading event in the industry for the last 20+ years and offers a particular focus on how to drive successful HR through technology. Thousands of resources from hundreds of vendors are there to explore, from start-ups to market leaders. The event boasts a ‘playground of discovery of HR’, allowing side-by-side comparisons of both established and upcoming HR-based technologies.



Optimise Your Talent Strategy 


  • Where: Online 
  • When: 21st September 2022

Optimize Your Talent Strategy’ is a short conference held online from 11 am-3 pm that will get you clued up on the latest technologies, data and employee experience to maximise your talent strategy. You can access resources, slides and keynotes videos from the conference throughout the year.




HR Summit


  • Where: Online, London / Stansted & Manchester Airport (Radisson Blu Hotel) 
  • When: 22nd September 2022 / 9th February 2023

HR Summit is a B2B conference that hosts both buyers and sellers, intending to develop and build lasting business relationships between those providing the latest services and solutions within the sector. The event will span over 2 days one event hosted in London, the other in Manchester with virtual options also available.




SOSU Europe


  • Where: Amsterdam
  • When: 27th – 28th September 2022

Sourcing Summit Europe brings together the sharpest sourcing minds in Europe. It is the largest sourcing event in Europe, where you will learn from the best international sourcing experts. Past attendants describe the event as being the most disruptive event of its kind, bringing new ideas and prospects to the world of sourcing – this is not one to miss.




InHouse Recruitment Live


  • Where: London 
  • When: 27th September 2022

InHouse Recruitment Live is a one-day, live event showcasing the best tools for effective recruitment strategies as well as a fantastic opportunity to network in person with similar-minded individuals. If you’re on the lookout for talent, you can wear an ‘I’m Hiring’ badge to seek in-house talent looking for their next role.




October 2022



Healthcare Job Fair


  • Where: London 
  • When: 1st October 2022

Healthcare Job Fair is the North West of England’s main recruitment fair for medical, nursing, social care and health professionals. The event is hosted by HealthSector Talent, a healthcare talent acquisition and UK-based company. 

They aim to accelerate the acquisition process within the healthcare industry and transform in-house recruitment. The event will bring together a pool of very highly skilled professionals and the industry’s leading employers. Admission to this event is free.




Recruitment Leaders Conference


  • Where: London
  • When: 6th October 2022

This Recruitment Leaders Conference is a one-day event hosting unmissable unique case study presentations and talks from the best in the business. Previous recruitment speakers include the directors of HR from established industry leaders such as The co-operative Bank,, Sodexo and Thames Water. Talks throughout the day will inspire and offer insight towards where next to take your recruitment strategy to maximise success. 




Indeed Interactive


  • Where: Online & Javits Centre, NYC 
  • When: 12-13th October 2022 

Now an in-person and virtual event, Indeed Interactive will provide you with knowledge on how to meet changing workforce expectations post-pandemic, how to use Indeed as a tool to recruit the best talent for your industry and insight into what tools, products and solutions are used to access a full suite of connected innovation and talent. 




Sourcecon Digital


  • Where: Online & Seattle, WA
  • When: 17-18th October 2022

Sourcecon is a 3-day talent acquisition conference aimed at providing insights into how to improve and contribute to your company’s growth through effective sourcing techniques. The sessions throughout the event are hosted by some of the brightest minds in the industry and for those who can’t get to the event in Seattle, you can also access it online.




HR Core Academy


  • Where: Amsterdam 
  • When: 19-20th October 2022

HR Core Academy consists of two conferences rolled into one event. Day one is a ‘Learning and Development’ conference, day two is a ‘Talent Transformation’ conference. Both days will offer solutions to the challenges facing HR today, from the move towards remote working, knowing how and when to lay off workers and how to empower and improve employee morale through the most turbulent times in business.




Talent Brand Summit


  • Where: Austin, Texas 
  • When: 19 – 21st October 2022

Talent Brand Summit is a unique, 3-day hands-on workshop experience exclusively designed for employer branding, recruitment marketing and employee communications practitioners. The workshops include roundtable discussions led by industry professionals, speed networking sessions as well as fun field day activities and live karaoke to finish off the event.




LinkedIn: Talent Connect


  • Where: Online & Los Angeles, California  
  • When: 25-27th October 2022

LinkedIn’s annual event for talent professionals is where the best in the industry share their tips, tricks and stories about how to recruit, alongside growing and maintaining a strong and diverse workforce. Past speakers include Michelle Obama, Dean Carter, the head of HR at Patagonia and Carla Harris, the Vice Chairman and Managing director at Morgan Stanley. Many of the main presentations will be live-streamed or recorded to be released at a later date if you are unable to attend the event live.




November 2022



CHRO Exchange – Leading Business Transformation and HR Strategy


  • Where: Miami, FL
  • When: 6-8th November 2022

CHRO Exchange consists of advanced industry speakers, creative business solutions and valuable insights into CHRO and HR. There will be interesting conferences held, executive roundtables and numerous networking opportunities. Over the three days, you will be witness to ways for structured business development and information exchange with some of the industry’s experts.




ERE Digital 


  • Where: Atlanta, GA 
  • When: 7-9th November 2022 

The ERE Recruiting Conference is an independent practitioner-led event, sharing best practices, case studies and practical insights from industry professionals themselves. The conference offers 2 days of live sessions that are accessible from anywhere in the world. Additionally, a 50% group discount is available, allowing you to invite colleagues to learn the best way to navigate the ever-changing recruitment environment together. 




CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition 2022


  • Where: Online & London 
  • When: 25th November 2022

Held by the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel Development), this two-day annual conference brings together professionals alongside opportunities to listen to inspiring speakers. Guests can network with a range of leading suppliers whilst being around other like-minded peers.




Building a Deep Leadership Bench


  • Where: Online
  • When: 16th November 2022

Building a Deep Leadership Bench is a short conference (11 am – 3 pm) that aims to help those in the industry learn how to develop high-potential employees to form better retention. It also focuses on current leaders learning how to teach those employees, currently on the bench to help with their development. Expect to find out more about identifying metrics, creating a culture of transparency and creating leadership development programmes that align with your company goals. 




Recruitment Marketing Congress


  • Where: Online
  • When: 22nd November 2022

Over 5 fast-paced, content-rich sessions, attendees will hear from marketing experts at Recruiting Marketing Congress to help recruitment marketers focus their time and resources on areas that will make the biggest difference to drive your business’s success. Subjects covered will include social media strategy, measuring marketing, building your brand and more. 






  • Where: Berlin and Online
  • When: 23-25th November 2022

TechRec is Europe’s leading knowledge exchange platform for those wanting to find, hire and retain talent within the technology sector. Stakeholders from the sourcing, talent acquisitions, employer branding and recruitment scene will be providing insights into the latest developments in software and tech recruiting.




The ReThink! – HR Tech


  • Where: Berlin and Online 
  • When: 23 – 25th November 2022

With the motto ‘Tech, Visions, People’, this Rethink event will bring together decision-makers from top businesses to discuss their latest strategies within the world of new and upcoming HR technologies. Benchmark and network with over 350 HR decision-makers at the 9th annual Re-Think.




December 2022



Talent Exchange Live – 5th Edition


  • Where: Online 
  • When: 6-8th December 2022 

Talent Exchange Live is a free 3-day online event hosting talks from leading industry professionals aimed to challenge your thinking and initiatives when entering a new age of HR post-pandemic. There will be opportunities to ask questions during the multiple live sessions as well as the ability to download numerous free resources and case studies to benefit your organisation.






  • Where: London
  • When: 9 -10th December 2022

ICBITA is hosted by academic scientists and scholars to share the leading research and findings concerning talent acquisition. It is an event aimed at practitioners in the field of recruitment to discuss and learn about the most recent successful trends, innovations and practical challenges within the industry. 



January 2023



HR Vision 


  • Where: New York 
  • When: 18-19th January 2023

At HR Vision, you will hear from leading brands sharing their insights and experiences on HR. There will be numerous opportunities to network with your peers and with a choice of over 50 sessions, you can tailor your event to suit your business needs.





February 2023


International Conference on Recruitment Process and Negotiations


  • Where: Tokyo, Japan
  • When: 20-21st February 2023

The International Conference on Recruitment Process and Negotiations aim to bring together all academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to offer their findings on all aspects of Recruitment Processes and Negotiations. Here you will also be able to learn more about the recent changes, trends and concerns within the industry.





March 2023

Recruitment Agency Expo


  • Where: ExCel, London
  • When: 15-16th March 2023


After hosting this event for more than 10 years, the Recruitment Agency Expo will be moving to ExCel, London for their 2023 conference. This event gives you the chance to view the latest products and services on the market for Human Resource management. 




HR Core Lab Summit


  • Where: Barcelona and Online 
  • When: 14th – 15th March 2023

Over 2 days, HR Core Lab Summit offers 3 conferences 1: Recruitment, People Analytics and Agile HR. From live speaker sessions to Q&As, the HR Core lab will inspire the next steps for the new generation of workplace trends. 




HR Transform 2023


  • Where: Barcelona 
  • When: 20-21st March 2023

Held in Barcelona, HR Transform brings together HR executives and entrepreneurs to give you and your business the understanding and mindset of the industry to gain a better grasp of where the market is heading. As well as the event, their website offers several free video resources to learn about the future of HR.




Next Practices Now – I4CP


  • Where: Scottsdale, AZ 
  • When: 27-30th March 2023

Next Practices Now is a number 1 rated prestigious HR conference that attracts HR and talent executives from the largest and most innovative companies in the world. It brings forward-thinking content, and invaluable resources to succeed in leadership. Develop networks and engage in conversation to share knowledge among high-flying industry leaders. 




April 2023



SHRM Talent Conference and Expo


  • Where: Online & Orlando, FL
  • When: 16th – 19th April 2023

The SHRM Talent Conference and Expo host 50+ sessions over 4 days and attendees can pick the sessions most relevant to you and your goals. With 1200+ talent professionals gathering in person and online to share techniques and strategies, you can learn more about implementing these to manage talent and build better workplaces for all.





  • Where: Athens, Greece
  • When: 3-4th April 2023

The International Conference on Recruiting Skills and Talent Acquisition brings together leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars to offer their expertise in the field. Researchers, practitioners and educators use this event to discuss the recent trends and concerns within this industry. There will be peers to network with alongside some of the most knowledgeable speakers in recruitment and talent acquisition research.





May 2023



HR Vision


  • Where: Amsterdam 
  • When: 10 – 11th May 2023

HR Vision is back for its 6th year, the 2-day conference held in Amsterdam aims to advance your thinking and practices. Witness ideas that provide solutions on how to create an environment that empowers colleagues whilst adopting modern technologies to build a more efficient and effective workplace. You’re able to tailor the event to your benefit with the choice of over 50 sessions spread across 3 conference streams so you can hone in on the resources most suited to your goals.





June 2023

SHRM Annual Conference 


  • Where: Las Vegas
  • When: 11-14th June 2023 

The SHRM Annual Conference is one not to be missed as the largest group of HR professionals gather in exciting Las Vegas for their 2023 conference. This event is over four days including peer networking opportunities and inspiring speaking from business leaders and HR experts. You will also have the chance to get hands-on in the HR seminars and workshops. So, if you want to get involved in one of the best annual HR conferences and learn from some of the best in the industry, SHRM is the place for you.





We hope that after reading this article, you can now fill your diary with the best recruitment and HR conferences around the world. Hear from some of the best in the industry, all whilst meeting other like minded colleagues and learning more about recruitment processes and hiring strategies.


If you need any more assistance with anything recruitment, we’re here to help. Contact us for more information or browse through our website